The Re-invention of Me, Again

A number of years ago, I began the path to find a new career after many years of trying my hand at different career fields.  I use to joke with my family that I haven’t figured out what I wanted to do when I grew up. So I endeavored to return to college.  While I’ve displayed an ability to draw, I knew there wasn’t much money in that so I pursued a graphic design degree not fully understanding what I was getting myself into.  Who ever said that basket weaving was easy lied.  Art classes can be brutal, (which you have to go through for a graphic design degree).  If you have a sensitive spirit, then any kind of art program is not for you.

The schooling is very demanding as it should be.  Graphic design and other art fields are highly competitive and a good teacher’s goal should be to push you so you can be successful in such a demanding environment.  Your competition wants to crush you so a designer must be up to the task.

The assignments were always overwhelming and the critics were merciless.  You’d walk in thinking you were on top of your game and leave feeling like you wanted to crawl out of the place.  Good teachers will push you to the brink of your imagination and creativity all while overloading your work.  It’s not just about the creative idea that needs to be developed, it’s about the pressure of the deadline that’s always facing any design project as well.

I had several of those types of teachers and while I wasn’t in love with the process, I do feel as though I really grew, both creatively  and in my understanding in what it took to get the job done and on time.

When I finished school, I decided to take my talents into web design.  I’ve learned so much about the technically side and continue to grow in that area, but lately I realized that my creative skills were sliding.  I’ve had to re-think about how I could combine both my love for creating in the arts and web design coding so that both could come together and work for me.  After several years of struggling with this, I’ve decided I would do what I love which is to use different mediums whether it was drawing, painting or even cooking and combine it with improving my web design skills by displaying it online.

This is my first step at re-inventing myself . . . again.



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